Piano Removals

Mini Removals provides clients with a professional piano removing service. Piano’s present a unique challenge when they are being transported. Large grand pianos are heavy, abnormally shaped and extremely sensitive. Not only can bumps and bangs damage the fine wooden aesthetic of a piano, it can also knock the instrument out of tune. This can be an extremely frustrating for professional musicians due to the expense associated with hiring a professional piano tuner.
With years of experience in transporting both ornamental pianos and working musician pianos, we have become experts at safely transporting these sensitive items. All our lorries are fitted with hydraulic lifts, to gently load a piano into our lorry. Our modern packing techniques mean that during transit the piano is completely stationary and its sensitive polished wooden aesthetic is protected against potentially damaging bumps and bangs.

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Our Professional Piano Removal Service

Our service is tailored to the unique moving requirements of your piano. From small upright pianos to large-scale grand pianos, our service has experience moving all kinds of pianos.
We use a range of professional moving techniques that are unique to the instrument we are moving.
We strive to offer the clients absolute peace of mind by having the piano completely protected throughout every stage of the removal. From removing it from the apartment or house to placing it in its new home or concert hall, we assure clients that every step is taken to ensure the safety of their piano.

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