Homes With Pyrite

Mini Removals provides clients with a special rate if pyrite is discovered in their homes.
The presence of pyrite can cause untold damage to a building's interior. As such items like furniture and electrical equipment are at risk of being irreparably damaged. To avoid this, Mini Removals offers our clients an emergency pyrite removal service. Our team come to your building and removal all items that are at risk of being damaged.
This service quickly clears a property, allowing builders to enter and repair and remove the pyrite in an unencumbered environment.

If Pyrite has been discovered inside your property, get in contact with Mini Removals today.

What Is Pyrite?

Pyrite is said to be present in over 20,000 Irish homes. Pyrite is a common mineral and on its own is not a problem. However, when combined with moisture and oxygen, the mineral oxidizes and produces sulphuric acid. This reaction causes a swelling that can lead to the flacking and cracking of concrete.
As such pyrite, over time, can cause significant damage to a property.

If pyrite is present in your building, your furniture and electrical goods are at risk. Have Mini Removals remove all the items from your building today.